March 16, 2014

Youkai Watch Episode 03

As rare as a Shiny Pokémon?

Airdate: January 22, 2014
Releasedate: March 16, 2014
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If you want to upload it on any streaming site, please tell me first and put a link to my blog, so people can download it too^^

Preview is missing, since I couldn't get the script for it yet, sorry!

Descriptions from Wikipedia:

Part 1 - "Rea na Aitsu" (レアなアイツ) - The Rare One

After Keita's mother brings him home a rare curry pan, Whisper reveals that there are also rare Youkai, such as Tsuchinoko which the YoukaiPad tells him there have been no sightings, but Keita and a group of Tsuchinoko disagree.

Part 2 - "Yōkai Jinmenken" (妖怪じんめん犬) - Youkai Jinmenken

At school, Kanchi reveals that there have been sightings in town of a ghostly human-faced dog: the Jinmenken. Kuma does not believe him, but Fumi reveals she saw the Jinmenken when walking home. Keita sets out to find it, as it must be a Youkai, but Whisper warns him that if other people can see the Jinmenken, it must mean the Youkai is powerful. Just as they are about to give up their search, a toy poodle suddenly speaks to them in oyaji gags, revealing his salaryman face. Jinmenken, who is not evil, reveals how he came to be, while getting drunk at a bar, and says how he just wants to be owned by a human girl, but his appearance puts people off. Later, he drunkenly relieves himself, only for the cops to arrest him after he claims to be a dog, but not before he gives Keita his Youkai Medal.

Part 3 - "Temē Gurerurin!" (てめーもグレるりん!) - It's You Gurerurin

At school, Kuma tells Keita how Kanchi has suddenly begun acting rude to other students. Keita and Whisper realize a Youkai must be the cause, and discover Kanchi is possessed by Gurerurin. Gurerurin reveals that unless he is beaten, Kanchi will continue to transform into a delinquent. Keita ries to call on Jibanyan for help, but Gurerurin only turns him into the naughty Warunyan, but Keita is not phased by the behavior. Keita then calls on Jinmenken, who fights Gurerurin long enough for Gurerurin to become impressed, ending his reign of terror and giving Keita his Youkai Medal.

Part 4 - "Yōkai Jinmenken Part2" (妖怪じんめん犬Part2) - Youkai Jinmenken Part2

Jinmenken remains in jail. When the guard gives him his food, Jinmenken spots a wanted ad for a barber in the newspaper.


  1. Oh! At last someone picked this up! Thanks for your efforts!
    You are a One Woman Army

    1. No problem^^
      Thanks for the compliment I guess? XD

  2. I counted 6 misspelled words and one badly worded sentence.

    1. I'm sorry for that, but as I wrote on the About Page I'm currently working alone, stuff like that happens.
      If you tell me were I may correct them and do a V2

    2. I'm not davidsama, but in the first thirty seconds alone I've seen "aquired", "absolutly" (0:17) and "Backery" (0:29). I'm also not sure "Curry-Bread" needs a hyphen... or capital letters. That "really convinced" (0:40) does not really convince me that I'm getting much of a translation, since it makes no sense in that sentence... and in fact, having "ano chou REA na KARE PAN" being translated as "This super rare..." makes me even more convinced we have a problem, since "ano" actually translates to "that" and obviously refers to the thing he mentioned in his story about the "craftsman" and not directly what Keita's holding in his hands. The exclamation "Aa!" (1:33) is usually spelled as "Ah!" in English and "definitly" (1:19) is definitely not how that's spelt. Just in case you didn't know, "it's" is a contraction of "it is"; the possessive of "it" is actually supposed to be spelt "its" (01:46) without the apostrophe. I'm not sure what it was in Japanese, but English translation at 1:50 has tense issues. It should be "who have seen it"/"who see it" depending on whether the tense is past or present. A similar tense issue comes up again, this time coupled with a spelling mistake as well, which results in a ridiculous line "Looks like you dose off!" (2:32)... if that's even an accurate translation of what was said.

      That's five clear spelling and two tense mistakes before even the opening theme, without counting awkward phrasings like "here is one" (1:53), "absolutely rare item" or that crap about the "craftsman" (which really should be translated "baker", since it's pretty obvious from the pictures).

      I managed to make it through the opening theme before I gave up and lo-and-behold, there's also a spelling mistake in the opening theme itself. The romaji for 歌いだす is misspelt "utaidaso" (4:23). This is also in the same lyrics you have from your previous post. The punctuation for the English translation of the song is also all over the place - every line begins with a capital letter except the ones after ellipses, but there's only ONE full stop in the entire song. At least try and get the one bit you're going to reuse for every other episode right.
      From what I can tell, it doesn't seem like English is your native language. I know you said you're a one-man team, but you should seriously find someone who knows English to proofread/QC your translation (or stick to translating into your native language). There are plenty of forums with people who offer to do it online, even if you can't find any in real life.

      Because I didn't even dare to look through the rest of the episode. That's how unprofessional the first five minutes seemed. Two spelling errors and a borderline tense problem in only the second line of subtitles does not a good sub make.

    3. Well, first, in your text are several errors in your text as well, and most of the things you pointed out are simple typing-errors.
      And you know, when someone works alone he gets a little blind for those small errors, even if she watched the episode several times, they just fly through under the radar.
      You surely overexaggerated everything in there.

      And believe me, i saw bad subs, and the subs she makes are good.

    4. I can tell that you're no native English speaker yourself, and I'm not even going to address that ad hominem attack that you didn't even bother to back up with examples.

      I'm just going to say: If you're afraid of someone pointing out mobychan's mistakes because you think it'll make him/her stop subbing, that's sad. If you bother to take a look at the post just above mine, you will see that mobychan asked for the list of mistakes, I assume because he/she is interested in improving his/her subs. But if you're that scared, go email mobychan and tell him/her not to ask for these again.

      On the other hand, if you actually believe everything you are saying then you have never seen truly good subs and for that I pity you.

    5. Thanks for telling me, but to be honest, you could have chosen a nicer tone.

      No, my main language is not english, but why should that stop me from subbing?
      I sub Youkai Watch, because my husband and I want to watch it. That's it.
      I'm just uploading it, to give others a possibility to watch it.
      This is actually the first time I ever subbed anything, and even a friend of mine, who's subbing for a big german company releasing many Anime on DVD told me, that it's nearly impossible to work without errors in this job, even if there's a big team behind you.
      I'm not a professional subber, I'm actually a programmer(and female, by the way) I just share, what I'm doing for myself anyway.
      I'm investing the little freetime I have to do this and I believe there are more than enough people grateful for it.

      And I also won't get a proofreader, since I don't want to wait days on anyone just for some spelling mistakes to be corrected.
      Up to now I only got two complaints about them, so if it's really stopping you from watching the episode, I'm sorry, but since everyone else is thankful for the episode to be there and is able to watch it just fine, I don't consider it that bad.
      I'll correct the mistakes if I should ever do a rerelease, but that's it.

      I think my subs are good enough for a german person subbing japanese anime, even if not 100% fluent in japanese.

      And btw, Rief is the only one here, who doesn't have to fear there won't by any more releases by me, since we two would watch the episodes I sub anyway, no matter if released or not.

    6. Yeah, I suspected you would say something along those lines. Believe it or not, I do respect the fact that you're bothering to sub at all. If it helps any, I noticed that you did in fact put in the effort to typeset the logos/title translations against the original logos.

      But the fact remains that there are more than just "some spelling mistakes" in the subs. There are also tense issues, grammar issues and syntax issues ontop of it. I can't say much about the translation since you're probably more proficient in Japanese than I. But these are not mistakes caused by the slip of a finger on a keyboard, these are caused by simply not knowing the language you're translating into well enough.

      I suspect that the reason "everyone else" can watch this without immediately picking up the errors is because, like Rief (your husband?), English is also not their native language and thus they cannot tell when the subbed lines simply do not work in English. I am aware the German fansub community is fairly sizeable, as it is in other non-English regions (like South America and Vietnam, if the commenters on your site are anything to go by). If you're reluctant to find a QCer and reject the idea of subbing into a language you're more familiar with, the best suggestion I can make is to try and gain more proficiency in English while you sub.

      Of course, the final decision on what you want to do with your time is up to you. I cannot and will not try to force you to do anything, merely give you the best advice on improving your subs that I as a viewer of native English-speaking background are able to offer. That said, as I suspect you're going to be as receptive to that suggestion as you were to those made prior, I think I'll take my leave now in lieu of overstaying my welcome.

      Live and let live, as the saying goes. それでは、また。

  3. Hey mobychan!
    Sou de uma FANSUB brasileira, a HAYAIsubs
    Queria deixar meu agradecimento pelo projeto.
    Ele estava com um bom público quando a naisho subs o lançava... Mas do nada eles pararam.
    MUITO OBRIGADO por dar continuidade ao projeto...
    \o Desejo sucesso à você.
    Desculpa nao comentar em inglês, sou ADM da HAYAIsubs, mas não tenho noção nenhuma em inglês, mas minha staff é bem grande. ^^

    1. Hey there Lucas,
      Thanks for the good wishes^^
      Obrigado pelos bons votos ^ ^ (? I used Google Translate XD)

    2. ^^ Obrigado...
      Sucesso pelo seu projeto... Que ele só não seja só traduzido para o pt/BR... Que se expanda para o Espanhol, Francês, Italiano e demais linguas.

  4. Thank you so much for picking this series up.
    I love you so much for this ;v; <33333

  5. Thanks a lot for your work, I loved the first 2 eps and I was sad other fansubs dropped the series :)

    1. No problem, enjoy the rest of the series^^

  6. Just want to say Thanks for subbing YW. It's better than nothing. : D