April 14, 2014

Youkai Watch Episode 07

Soujanaiyo! - It's not!
Interesting tests they have there...

Airdate: February 26, 2014
Releasedate: April 14, 2014
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Descriptions from Wikipedia:

Part 1 - "Jinmenken Part6" (じんめん犬Part6) - Jinmenken Part6

Jinmenken is released from prison, but cannot find Keita or Whisper on his way out. He moves out into the woods and tries to make pottery, only to be arrested again when his newest vase has a bust comparable to a member of NyaKB.

Part 2 - "Komasan ga Kita!" (コマさんがきた!) - Komasan Is Here!

Keita goes to mogmog Burger to buy an ice cream cone, but is upset when he is missing a swirl as advertised, believing a Youkai is to blame. Whisper believes he is just overreacting, but Keita discovers a Youkai is eating the top of everyone's ice cream cones. The Youkai apologizes to Keita after he realizes he can see him, and introduces himself as Komasan, and his country accent. Whisper tries to find out why he is eating people's ice cream, but Komasan is distracted by the top of Whisper's head, which resembles another ice cream cone. Komasan explains he is a komainu spirit from a temple in the countryside, and only gets to treats like ice cream when the temple has a festival, however, the temple has been shut down and he has come to live in the city. Keita tries to show Komasan around the city, but he gets confused by everything Keita finds mundane. Komasan gets lost and is accosted by Guregurin, who asks for money, but he is scared off when Keita and Whisper arrive. Komasan realizes the city is not for him and heads back to the countryside, but Keita discovers he has forgotten his bag and calls him back, only to upset him.

Part 3 - "Yōkai MitoMEN" (妖怪 認MEN) - Youkai Mitomen

Keita's class takes an test, and while he wonders what answer to pick, he hears a voice saying "That's wrong" every time he picks an answer. He begins to wonder who is telling him things, until he realizes a Youkai must be in the classroom, discovering that there are in fact three of them. After class, Keita and Whisper chase after the three Youkai, who reveal themselves to be Mitomen. Whisper reveals that the Mitomen make people question their choices, and their presence makes them make jokes, but it is revealed that they have made the class have poor test results. Keita calls on Jibanyan, but he puts the Youkai Medal in backwards. The Mitomen point this out to him, and he thanks them, which causes a change in heart, as no one has ever thanked them before. One of the Mitomen gives Keita his hand in gratitude, but when Keita takes the hand, the Mitomen is sucked into the Youkai Watch, while the other two move on to the other side. When Keita puts a Youkai Medal in backwards, again, it announces "That's wrong" in the Mitomen's voice.


  1. Favourite episode just because of Komasan. Thanks as always!

  2. Thanks for the episode, zura~!
    By the way, I read that Level-5 is planning a Youkai Watch sequel for the 3DS this summer, so they might make an anime sequel too, if the sales of the first series go well

    1. No problem^^

      Yes, it's even two versions ^^
      You can watch the trailers here:

      I hope Youkai Watch will continue too^^
      And since so far no episode amount is known it might even just continue on^^

    2. I think it's going to be like Pokémon and Ge ge ge Kitaro, with many seasons.

  3. New episode?? Sugoi!!!!
    Thanks mobychan!!!