April 21, 2014

Youkai Watch Episode 08

Gurerurin, the leaking one.
Don't let it come out!!!

Airdate: March 05, 2014
Releasedate: March 21, 2014
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Descriptions from Wikipedia:

Part 1 - "Jinmenken Part7" (じんめん犬Part7) - Jinmenken Part7

After serving his time in jail, again, Jinmenken wonders what he should do next, until passing by a movie theater and deciding that he should become a Hollywood star. After an extensive fantasy, he prepares to board an airplane headed towards America, only to be arrested again. As Jinmenken demands to be free, Komasan watches on.

Part 2 - "Youkai Morezō" (妖怪 モレゾウ) - Youkai Morezou!

Keita is anxious for class to end, as he really needs to use the toilet, but when he gets there he sees an unusually long line of boys waiting, even on the other floors. However, on the third floor he finds Whisper, and Keita tells him he thinks a Youkai is causing this mayhem, even though Whisper has never heard of such a Youkai. Keita scans with the Youkai Watch to find Morezō, a Youkai that makes boys feel the need to pee. Soon, Kanchi and Kuma wander upstairs to check on Keita, only for Morezō to affect them as well. In a rush, Keita calls on Gurerurin to deal with Morezō, only to put the Youkai Medal in backwards, before correcting himself. However, Morezō affects Gurerurin as well. Next, he calls on Jinmenken, who is also affected bu Morezō, and then arrested for public urination. He next calls on Maborōshi, who casts an illusion to make everyone think the hallway is full of urinals, one of which Morezō intends to use, but Keita asks him to stop before something bad happens. He next asks Wasurenbō to take care of Morezō, finally able to make Morezō release the rest of its water and freeing the boys from its influence, including Keita.

Part 3 - "Yōkai Hikikoumori" (妖怪 ヒキコウモリ) - Youkai Hikikoumori

Keita returns home and needs to get his soccer ball so he can play with Kanchi and Kuma, but finds that his bedroom door is locked from the inside. Jibanyan is inside, but will not let Keita in. Whisper hears a hum from inside, and realizes Jibanyan must be under the spell of Hikikōmori, a Youkai that makes people want to stay locked up in their rooms. Whisper notes that Hikikōmori is very well known, but Keita has never heard of him before. Keita is worried he will be late meeting up with Kanchi and Kuma, but realizes he can lure Jibanyan out with chocolate bars, but not even they can break Hikikōmori's hold. Keita next tries a NyaKB48 photobook, which manages to get Jibanyan to open the door, but he locks it up after taking them from Keita. Keita tries to get Meramelion, but Jibanyan decries Meramelion's calls of trying to fire him up, and only makes Meramelion run out in anger. Keita next asks for Honobōno and Donyorinne's help, and their amorphous forms allow them to get inside Keita's room, and flatten Jibanyan and take him out of the room, but now the room is still locked from the inside and Jibanyan is still under Hikikōmori's control. Keita calls on Morezō to waken Jibanyan up, causing Hikikōmori to escape. After both use the toilet, Hikikōmori tries to take control of Jibanyan once more, but Keita stops him and tells him he cannot do this to people and Youkai, but Hikikōmori is still afraid of going outside. Keita allows him to stay in his room, and Hikikōmori gives him his Youkai Medal in thanks. Keita goes to open his door, but it is still locked, when Whisper simply phases through the door to unlock it, angering Keita that Whisper was able to do this the whole time.


  1. So many downloaders...I'll probably wait for the direct downloads and help later.

    By the way, already sent you Episode 15 preview translation.

    1. It's quite a lot, yes...

      I hope to be able to update the first direct download link before I go to bed^^

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  2. Thanks! First Jibanyan and Whisper, now Hikikoumori... by the end of the anime Keita's room will be haunted with so many ghosts lol

    1. No problem^^
      Yes, I hope we'll get some scene with them interacting^^

  3. Yes!!! I´ll waiting for this. Thanks!

  4. Unfortunately Dentsu Entertainment recently licensed YO-Kai Watch in the Americas (http://kidscreen.com/2014/04/29/dentsu-entertainment-brings-yo-kai-watch-to-the-americas/). I expect the series will be butchered based on how they handled their last anime series (Deltora Quest).

    Will this effect the release of future episodes?

    1. For now it won't, since I myself can't watch it, even if it's out in America, since I'm german^^
      (And I guess I will finish the series anyway even if it's out in germany, considering the bad quality...)