May 01, 2014

Youkai Watch Episode 09

Poor Jibanyan, loosing his tails...

Airdate: March 12, 2014
Releasedate: May 1, 2014
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Descriptions from Wikipedia:

Part 1 - "Komasan ~Saikaihen~" (コマさん~再会編~) - Komasan The Return

Komasan returns to the city, writing a letter to his mother about his adventures with his younger brother Komajirō has followed him. Komajirō is much more brave and interested in the city than Komasan, as obvious when he gets on an escalator while Komasan is still trying to get the timing right.

Part 2 - "Yōkai Semimaru" (妖怪セミまる) - Youkai Semimaru!

Kanchi introduces the group to a new dousing mobile app that lets you hunt for treasure. They hunt all day but turn up nothing. As Kanchi and Kuma leave, Whisper tells Keita to scan for a Youkai in the last hole they dug, discovering something. Whisper says it is just a cicada, but Keita is unsure as it is very large and oddly colored. As they argue, the "cicada" wakes up, revealing himself to be the Youkai Semimaru. Whisper tries to explain his mistake, but Semimaru insists he is a Youkai. He reveals that when a cicada dies after its one week in its adult stage, it transforms into Semimaru, but Semimaru only ever just wants to turn back into a cicada once more, burying itself, because if it leaves the ground again it will never become a cicada again. Keita reminds him he is above ground, and Semimaru freaks out. Whisper tries to look up ways to extend the life on Youkai UkiUkipedia, but the countdown does not end. Instead, Semimaru tries to live life to its fullest. The week ends, and Semimaru gives Keita his Youkai Medal, and as the countdown finally ends, he falls down. However, he is just asleep. Whisper has read Youkai UkiUkipedia wrong, and Keita is upset that he has been stressed out over nothing.

Part 3 - "Robonyan Shidō!" (ロボニャン始動!) - Robonyan Activate!

Keita watches a sci-fi movie on TV, telling Whisper that Youkai are not in the movie but robots. Jibanyan wonders if there are robotic Youkai, but Keita reveals that the movie takes place in the future, so they would probably not exist. Jibanyan feels robot Youkai would be nice, so they could have friends forever. Outside, a robotic cat spies on the three. Later, Jibanyan is woken from his sleep by this robotic cat, asking Keita to look for him, but when they get downstairs all that can be found are footsteps. They track the footsteps down and find Robonyan. Jibanyan however is upset that Robonyan looks just like him, and Robonyan reveals that in the future, after Keita and Whisper are gone, Jibanyan turns himself into a robot, and that inside his robotic body is a chocolate bar factory. However, Jibanyan is still not sure if this is the truth, so he sets up a few challenges. First, a race, but Robonyan transforms into a race car and wins. Next, is a fighting competition against oncoming cars, but just as Jibanyan prepares his Hundred Paw Strike, Robonyan stops the car with one finger. Jibanyan rushes at Robonyan, who launches a rocket punch, that Jibanyan dodges, only for Robonyan to retrieve his paw. Jibanyan tries striking Robonyan with the Hundred Paw Strike, but only hurts himself. As Robonyan has won, he has proven himself to Jibanyan, and that night he shrinks himself to save space and plugs himself into the wall to recharge. However, the next morning Keita's mother yells at him for making the electricity usage go through the roof. Robonyan heads back to the future, leaving Keita his Youkai Medal, and later Keita says that he prefers having just Jibanyan around.


  1. Thanks a lot for the GD release :D

  2. Another fun episode and thanks!
    Do you know that they are in talks to bring over this anime to the West? Only thing is that they are going to have to "suitably repackage" it. I hope they don't change too much of it...

    1. No problem^^

      Yes, I hope the at least leave the names...
      But since they already trademarked it as "Yo-Kai Watch"...

  3. Thanks! At 8:20 you can see Semimaru reading the Youkai Watch manga, haha

    1. No problem^^
      Yes, I really like those small details^^

  4. Thanks for your work Mobychan :)