May 06, 2014

Youkai Watch Episode 10

The chosen ones!!

Airdate: March 19, 2014
Releasedate: May 6, 2014
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Descriptions from Wikipedia:

Part 1 - "Komasan ~Hajimete no Machiawase-hen~" (コマさん~はじめての待ち合わせ編~) - Komasan The First Meeting

Komasan writes another letter to his mother about his and Komajirō's continuing exploration of the city. After nearly losing each other in the crowd, Komajirō spots someone handing out tissues, and asks Komasan to get some. After retrieving several, Komasan sees that Komajirō has already found a pack. When Komasan gives him another, Komajirō responds with an English "Thank you" rather than their countryside dialect, shocking Komasan that he has picked up city habits so fast.

Part 2 - "Yōkai Tohohogisu" (妖怪トホホギス) - Youkai sEMIMARU!

Keita heads to the local bakery to get a melon bun, but when he and Whisper hear a strange bird call, he heads into the bakery only to find that they have sold out. He instead goes to the fast food restaurant and manages to buy the last ice cream cone of the day. Just as Keita is to enjoy it, he hears the same bird call, and a soccer ball rolls over. He kicks it back over to the boy who lost it, only for his ice cream to fall over. He heads to another shop and manages to buy the last croquette of the day. Just as he is to buy it, he hears the bird call, and falls into a hole in the sidewalk. Keita realizes a Youkai must be causing problems, and casts the Youkai Watch's light to find Tohohogisu, a Youkai that makes people upset. Tohohogisu apologizes for all the problems she has caused, and Keita accepts the apology. The next day at school, Kuma hits a streak of bad luck, losing a chicken nugget to the floor, and missing a perfect test score because he forgot to write his name down. Keita realizes Tohohogisu is to blame and finds her in the classroom. Tohohogisu says she has become upset after seeing a handsome bird, and missed the chance to meet him. Keita decides to call on Robonyan for help. Robonyan takes Kuma's test paper while he is not noticing and writes his name down very small, and then picks up the chicken nugget that fell on the ground and recooks it fresh, returning Kuma back to being happy, and Tohohogisu gives him her Youkai Medal.

Part 3 - "Rejendo Yōkai! Bushinyan Kenzan!" (レジェンド妖怪!ブシニャン見参!) - Robonyan Activate!

Whisper shows Keita that he has gathered so many Youkai Medals. When Keita inspects the Youkai Dictionary, it begins to glow, and Whisper discovers that it means a Legendary Youkai will be brought forth. However, Jibanyan appears instead, and he walks into the closet with Hikikōmori. Keita feels Whisper has lied to him, when Jibanyan steps back out, now wearing samurai armor. Keita asks what he is doing, but he says he is not Jibanyan but Bushinyan. Keita and Whisper believe he is just in cosplay, but Whisper discovers that Bushinyan is the Legendary Youkai that they have summoned. Keita is angry at Whisper for not knowing enough, and then thanks Bushinyan for showing up, only to be taken aback by Bushinyan's love for NyaKB, thinking he is just like Jibanyan. A baseball flies into the room, and Bushinyan cuts it in half before it can hit Whisper. He then slices up a baumkuchen, but Keita and Whisper eat all the slices before they share with Bushinyan. Bushinyan attacks out of anger, and Whisper tries to stop the blade, but is sliced in half. As Keita mourns, Whisper reveals he is all right, and they laugh. Bushinyan is moved to tears by their friendship, and hopes that one day he can be as close to Keita as Whisper. He takes his leave into the closet, and Keita finds his Youkai Medal in his hand. Jibanyan emerges from the closet, only to be shocked that his NyaKB goods are outside. Whisper then reveals that Bushinyan is an alterego, but neither know who the other is.


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