June 16, 2014

Some changes to the blog

Hello there, everyone^^

I made two small changes to the blog.
You can now follow these RSS Feeds:

  • my blog ("Follow all posts")
  • the projects label ("Current projects", contains info posts about series)
  • a specific series (e.g. "Youkai Watch", containing all episode releases, openings, endings and info posts about that series)

using the little RSS buttons next to the text under "Projects".

And the second one is the little "Current info message" box in the sidebar.
I'll use it to let you know, when a release is late or something like that, so you know I'm still working on it ^^
As you can see Episode 15 is late because of my revolting laptop at home.

If there's anything else you'd find useful, just tell me in the comments^^


  1. Some nice changes, especially the small info message box. I like it^^

    1. Thanks^^
      I thought it might be nice to have instead of a new Blogpost everytime I'm getting a bit late ^^

  2. The "Current info message" is a good addition.

  3. Thank you very much for your translation work on Youkai Watch so far. I'm loving the show and I really appreciate that you've made it available. Is there an ETA on the future of releasing episodes? Is your laptop being fixed/replaced? Is there anything we, the viewers can do to help you?

    1. No problem^^

      The laptop seems to work again for now, I hope to be able to buy a new one soon, but at the moment we don't have the money.
      And I do the most subbing at work in my break anyway, so it's not that bad(it's only that I had some free days in between.

      I'll release Episode 15 on Monday and hope to release one episode every monday again^^