June 02, 2014

Youkai Watch Episode 13

I'll sub every Episode even before it's shown!

Airdate: April 11, 2014
Releasedate: June 2, 2014
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Should be fixed until later this week, until then feel free to enjoy the direct download version^^

Descriptions from Wikipedia:

Part 1 - "Komasan ~Hajimete no Fasuto Fūdo Hen~" (コマさん~はじめてのファストフード編~) - Komasan The First Fast Food

Komasan introduces Komajiro to a fast food restaurant, but he is afraid of what will happen when they go in. They wear leaves on their heads to disguise themselves as humans, but as Komasan prepares to order, the staff overwhelms him with options. Komajiro, however, has not had as many problems, despite the fact Komasan has bought every item on the menu.

Part 2 - "Yōkai Kuchidakeonna" (妖怪口だけおんな) - Youkai Kuchidakeonna

Keita talks to Whisper about his worries concerning their upcoming kanji exam, when Kuma walks up to him, and then announces to the class he will get a perfect score. Even Fumi is worried about Kuma's sudden vigor, and his revelation that he will set new world records in sports. One of their classmates calls Kuma on his bluff, and before he runs, he claims his leg hurts, and decides not to run until after lunch. Keita believes Kuma's white lies are because of a Yo-Kai, and discovers Kuchidake-onna is making him lie. Whisper suggests Melamelion will be able to take on Kuchidake-onna's effects, and Melamelion manages to convince Kuchidake-onna to leave. However, she later possesses Kanchi, making him lie about his plans for the class president election. He wins the election, and they thank her, but she just makes him say more lies about how his next plans are for being the president of the world.

Part 3 - "Yōkai Dansāzu" (妖怪ダンサーズ) - Youkai Dancers

Keita talks to Whisper about how he is worried about the dance lessons in gym class that day, mostly because his partner Taku is an amazing dancer. Outside, three dancing seaweed Yo-Kai watch, and plan on helping him out. As they begin to dance, Taku shows off his moves until Keita is overwhelmed by an urge to dance, overshadowing Taku. Whisper realizes something is up, and points it out to him later, however Keita cannot remember dancing. He realizes a Yo-Kai must be to blame, scanning the area to find Wakame-kun, Konbu-san, and Mekabu-chan. Whisper reveals that they make people dance, but Keita cannot see any problem in that and thanks them for helping him out. However, during math class he dances uncontrollably instead of answering the question, now seeing the problem with the dancers, and he confronts them, only to make himself out to a fool in front of Fumi. He chases them down, dancing along the way.

Part 4 - "Jinmen-ken Shīzun 2 Inu Dassō Episode1" (じんめん犬シーズン2 犬脱走 Episode1) - Jinmen-ken Season 2: The Great Escape: Episode 2

Jinmen-ken plans his escape from Alcatraz once more, this time assisted by a teddy bear named Sam he received from the prison. Sam appears to be alive, although no one believes him, and most of the prisoners are afraid of him because he constantly talks to the toy. Jinmen-ken reveals he plans on escaping through a small path along a series of gears, but Sam says he will go with him. Sam rushes through the gears, but gets stuck, and is torn apart. Jinmen-ken later realizes Sam was only a toy and was never alive. However, he now has real friends who will escape with him.


  1. Thank you very much, but you don't seem to have included a link to the episode!

    1. I'm sorry, looks like I just put the link without an url, it should work now^^

  2. Thanks for the episode! Hmm... Youkai Dancers gave 3 medals in the end. I wonder how many medals are left to complete the book. Around 60-70? ....the Jinmenken part was depressing

    1. No problem^^
      Who knows how many are left, they could always just add some more pages, I guess no one would notice XD

      I cried even before seeing that part while subbing...
      Poor thing...

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    1. Oh I'm sorry, looks like I totally forgot about it...
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