June 09, 2014

Youkai Watch Episode 14

Still too plain!

Airdate: April 18, 2014
Releasedate: June 9, 2014
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A bit late and without Torrent since my Internet at home is broken.
Should be fixed until later this week, until then feel free to enjoy the direct download version^^

Descriptions from Wikipedia:

Part 1 - "Komasan ~Hajimete no Tawā Hen~" (コマさん~はじめてのタワー編~) - Komasan The First Tower

Komasan takes Komajiro to the Sakura Ex Tree, a new tower built in Sakura City. Komasan is amazed at its height, but Komajiro, engrossed with his phone, says it is not the tallest structure out there. Komasan is further scared by the speed that the elevator takes them to the top, and how he thinks he can see their hometown from the observation area, but Komajiro is not impressed, even at the glass floors, nor at a souvenir juice bottle. At the end of the day, it takes Komasan pointing out a shooting star to snap Komajiro out of his ennui, and make Komasan happy, again.

Part 2 - "Yōkai Sharekofujin to Yōkai Jimī" (妖怪しゃれこ婦人と妖怪ジミー) - Youkai Sharekofujin and Youkai Jimmy

Keita is getting ready for school early, as it is the day of the parent observations. As Whisper prepares to check his backpack just in case he has forgotten anything, they both see that Jibanyan has changed into a subdued color and his face is plain and shocking. Whisper thinks it is just because they woke up so early, but when Keita goes to see his mother, she is dressed in fanciful clothes, in preparation for the visit that day. But in their shock, she believes she is not dressed up enough, and comes out in an even more garish outfit, and again when Keita says she cannot go to his school dressed as she is. Keita is afraid of bein embarrassed in class, and discovers the Yo-Kai Sharekofujin is possessing his mother, a Yo-Kai that makes people dress extremely fashionably. Keita, however, wants to stop his mother from making it to school, so he calls on Himo-jii to stop Sharekofujin, but when he talks to her, she hugs him and makes him dressed like a surfer. Before Keita can ask Whisper for help, Sharekofujin has made him more fashionable as well, but Whisper manages to find out that the Yo-Kai Jimmy, who can make things more bland and subdued, is just what they need to break Sharekofujin's grasp. Keita realizes that Jibanyan was subdued, and has to have been affected by Jimmy at some point. After calling on Jibanyan, Whisper realizes it to be the case and asks Keita to look for Jimmy, but Keita has been affected by Jimmy as well, who is right behind them. Whisper takes charge, pushing Jimmy into Sharekofujin, defeating her as she no longer finds herself fashionable without her bow and umbrella, freeing Keita's mother from her grasp. She runs home, and Whisper hands Keita Sharekofujin's Yo-Kai Medal, and Jimmy presents his to him as well, but he is still under Jimmy's effects.

Part 3 - "Jinmen-ken Shīzun 2 Inu Dassō Episode3" (じんめん犬シーズン2 犬脱走 Episode3) - Jinmen-ken Season 2: The Great Escape: Episode 3

Jinmenken introduces his new, and real, crack team of convicts who will help him escape: the strong George, the athletic and acrobatic Eddy, the computers expert David, and the former doctor Remmy. After stealing a wire from the workshop, Jinmenken leads the group to the gear room. David manages to shut down the machinery, and all of them manage to get past the gears, only finding a brick wall in their way on the other side. George breaks it down, and the five of them make it outside, but find the outer wall. Eddy scales the wall and lets down a rope for the others to climb. But at the top, Jinmenken spots the full moon, howls, and gives up all of their locations. In reality, he has been following all four of them around, and not actually leading them to their escape, angering all of them after making their escape a failure.


  1. Will you sub the movie when the BD comes out next year?

    1. I hope the BD will have Japanese subs I can use or I can get a Japanese sub file, so I can do it.
      But if there's any way to get something, I will definitely do it ^^

    2. I can help you out provided there are Chinese subs for that in the future.

  2. thanks you work faster!!!!

  3. I hear that Youkai Watch will get film or Movie in december.

    1. Yes, it will start in Japanese theaters on December 20 ^^

      Here's the news article on Anime News Network:

      As I already told Child of the Sun, I will do my best to be able to sub the movie too^^

  4. Thanks! Now we know why Lady Gaga dresses like that

    1. No problem^^
      Oh my, looks like we should call Jimmy XD

  5. thank you so much for the subs. I was wondering, do you have a RSS feed or a twitter so we can be alerted when the new episode is up? I check this blog some 5-8 times a day for updates!

    1. I have twitter, but I always forget to post about the new episode XD
      I'll put up an rss feed button in the sidebar ^^