June 22, 2014

Youkai Watch Episode 15

Pressure is bad!

Airdate: April 25, 2014
Releasedate: June 23, 2014
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Descriptions from Wikipedia:

Part 1 - "Komasan ~Hajimete no Yoasobi Hen~" (コマさん~はじめての夜遊び編~) - Komasan The First Night Out

At night, Komasan is shocked at Komajiro's ability with city slang when he receives a phone call, before telling his brother that he's been invited to a place full of lights and dancing. Komasan believes it is just a traditional festival, but he is shocked when they end up at a night club, where Komajiro is known as K.J. and he has a human girlfriend.

Part 2 - "Yōkai Nobosetonman" (妖怪のぼせトンマン) - Youkai Nobosetonman

Keita, Kanchi, and Kuma visit the local onsen, but Keita finds the water is much too hot, particularly when it heats up very quickly. Whisper does not think a Yo-Kai exists to that extent, but Keita discovers Nobosetonman, a Yo-Kai that makes bathwater too hot for humans. Keita realizes how dangerous Nobosetonman is, and calls on Melamelion first, who jumps into the water, but only makes it even more comfortable for Nobosetonman. Next, Keita tries Gurerurin, but he is scared of entering the bathwater, as he knows it is hot, so Whisper pushes him in, angering Nobosetonman. Keita is worried that no one will be able to use the hot bath, when an old man enters the bath and turns on the hot tap to such a degree that Nobosetonman is defeated, but now no one wants to use the bath because of the intense heat.

Part 3 - "Yōkai Nagabana" (妖怪ナガバナ) - Youkai Dancers

As math class ends, Keita waits for his chance to use the toilet, but as soon as the bell rings, his teacher begins speaking in the Osaka dialect, extending the lesson. Fumi tries to remind him about the bell, but he keeps on telling the story. Fumi later asks him what he thinks was wrong was their teacher, when she is suddenly taken over by the same urge to tell a long story in the Osaka dialect. Keita realizes a Yo-Kai is to blame, and after scanning Fumi with the Yo-Kai Watch, Whisper identifies the Yo-Kai as Nagabana, a Yo-Kai that makes people tell long stories. After his effect on Fumi annoys Whisper, he chases after the Yo-Kai, but runs out of breath. Keita calls on Jibanyan, but before he can insert the Yo-Kai Medal into the Yo-Kai Watch, Nagabana possesses him, stopping him by putting him into a silly speech, leaving Jibanyan waiting. This eventually forces Jibanyan to run to the school to stop him. Keita then decides Wasurenbō will be perfect, but he is caught in a loop still. Whisper and Jibanyan both try to put the Yo-Kai Medal in themselves, but the Mitomen warning goes off. Only Keita can call upon the Yo-Kai by exclaiming "Yo-Kai Medal Set On", so Jibanyan writes up a sign and tricks Keita into saying the phrase, finally summoning Wasurenbō who bites onto Nagabana's head, making him forget about what he wanted to talk about and freeing Keita. Nagabana decides that perhaps he should return to Osaka, and leaves that evening. However, when Keita and Whisper head off to school the next morning, Nagabana is there to meet them.

Part 4 - "Jinmen-ken Shīzun 2 Inu Dassō Episode4" (じんめん犬シーズン2 犬脱走 Episode4) - Jinmen-ken Season 2: The Great Escape: Episode 4

After the failed attempt to escape, Jinmenken's only friend is another inmate named Charlie who talks to him at lunch. Suddenly, the inmates around them run away in fear, as a tall and muscular man walks up behind Jinmenken, demanding his attention.


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