August 04, 2014

Youkai Watch Episode 20

Airdate: May 30, 2014
Releasedate: August 4, 2014
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Descriptions from Wikipedia:

Part 1 - "Rejendo Yōkai! Ikemenken!" (レジェンド妖怪!イケメン犬!) - Legendary Youkai Ikemenken!

Whisper gives Keita a second volume of the Yo-Kai Dictionary, as the first is full, but once he fills it up he discovers they are about to summon another Legend Yo-Kai. This time it is Ikemenken, a handsome faced dog who exceeds in all areas that Jinmenken has failed in, making women effortlessly fall in love with him as he did in life. After his Ikemen Aura fails to work its magic on Keita to impress Fumi, he decides his work is done and asks Keita to call on him the next time he needs a handsome man.

Part 2 - "Komasan Shīzun 2 Inakamono wa Bara-iro ni Episode4" (コマさんシーズン2 田舎者はバラ色にEpisode4) - Komasan Season 2: The Rosy Bumpkin: Episode 4

The president of Dandai decides to go on vacation with his family and puts Komasan in charge of the company while he is gone. Although Komasan advances the company financially, he realizes that he has been ignoring Komajiro, and once the president returns he asks to resign so he can spend more time with his brother. Next time, Komasan falls in love.


  1. there's a typo, 5:07. Is is strange.

    and thanks for your hard work.

    1. Oh, I'll correct it, thanks^^

      And no problem^^

  2. Finally completed watching all the episodes you've translated and now in wait for more to come :D
    Thank you very much!
    This Komasan saga ending was great and I'm really glad that they're continuing side stories about him :)

    1. I hope the next episode will be ready by Monday(Internet not working again >.>)
      No problem^^

      I like Komasans part too^^

  3. The Direct Download won't come out ?