October 18, 2014

Youkai Watch Episode 23

That always works! XD

Airdate: May 23, 2014
Releasedate: Oktober 18, 2014
Torrent-Link:Torrent on nyaa.se
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A bit late again because I had ambulatory surgery this week, nothing too serious, but I hope I'm back on track soon.

Descriptions from Wikipedia:

Part 1 - "Komasan Shīzun 3 Koi to Poemu to Kōhī to Sanbaime" (コマさんシーズン3 恋とポエムとコーヒーと 3杯目) - Komasan Season 3: Love, A Poem, Coffee And The Third Cup

Komasan, with Komajiro, hopes to save the woman from whoever is threatening her life, even preparing to attack a large man until he is revealed to just be a tourist. When she talks on the phone about targetting someone herself, Komasan intervenes, startling her and making her drop her manga manuscript on the pavement. He helps her retrieve the pages, and plans on making her happy next time.

Part 2 - "Yōkai Tsumamiguinosuke" (妖怪つまみぐいのすけ) - Youkai Tsumamiguinosuke

Keita's mother prepares Keita and his father breakfast, until she is taken over by the urge to eat something from one of the plates, but she seems normal after. After Keita returns home from school, he sees his mother has made a huge meal for them for dinner. Keita is tempted to have a snack, but she tells him it is wrong to steal from the dinner table before his father comes home, when she suddenly eats several items herself, proclaiming "snack time" when she does so. Keita believes a Yo-Kai is to blame, and even though Whisper does not believe so, Keita discovers Tsumamiguinosuke, a Yo-Kai that makes people take food prepared for a meal, is possessing his mother. Keita must figure out how to stop his mother and Tsumamiguinosuke from eating the whole meal until his father comes home, but Tsumamiguinosuke has many tricks up his sleeve. Keita calls on Himojii, and his ability to make his mother hungry rather than wanting to snack, and she decides to start dinner, defeating Tsumamiguinosuke's effect, but Himojii makes both of them hungry and they finish the meal before Keita's father comes home, leaving him to have instant noodles.

Part 3 - "Yōkai Karakuri Benkei" (妖怪からくりベンケイ) - Youkai Karakuri Benkei

Keita tries to watch some TV, but it will not turn on, and Keita's parents note that the washing machine, the electric razor, and even their cellphones will not work. Keita believes it must be a Yo-Kai, but Whisper, as usual, is not so sure, at least until Keita points out Karakuri Benkei is breaking his room's air conditioner. He attacks the vacuum cleaner, and reveals he has taken a single screw from within it. He tells Keita that he is seeking out the "Hero's Screw", which will make him more powerful. To combat him, Keita calls on the only other machine Yo-Kai he knows: Robonyan. However, Karakuri Benkei senses the Hero's Screw within Robonyan, who becomes overwhelmed by the clockwork mechanisms of Karakuri Benkei, despite the fact he claims to be the result of future technology and has no clockwork elements within him. Robonyan even seems to be enjoying having Karakuri Benkei's naginata stab him in search of the Hero's Screw. Robonyan eventually retaliates at Keita's urging, but he overheats and shuts down, just as Karakuri Benkei discovers he indeed has the Hero's Screw within him, empowering his Naginata. He thanks Keita for helping him find the Hero's Screw and gives him the Yo-Kai Medal, just as Robonyan reacts strangely. As nothing can be found in Yo-Kai UkiUkipedia on him, Jibanyan retrieves his user's manual, revealing he will soon explode. As Karakuri Benkei cannot return the Hero's Screw, they all worry until Jibanyan punches Robonyan, resetting his system to normal. However, when he awakes, he still wants Karakuri Benkei to stab him.


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  7. Thanks for your subbing! Saw a lot of ads etc. from this show on my trip to Japan and wanted to check it out. Cheers and keep up the good work :)