November 20, 2014

Youkai Watch Chapter 1

Heya everone!
Now, before you wonder who i am, i'm the husband of Mobychan.
Why am i posting here?
Because i, for LevelUpSubs, have cooperated with GoldenRozeScans to give you the first Chapter of the Youkai Watch Manga!

I'm the translator of it, so i'll post the download-link to this and future chapters on this Blog.
I hope you enjoy our work!

Download Chapter 001 right here!
Read Chapter 001 on MangaFox here!

Also, visit GoldenRozeScans!


  1. Amazing! I did not know Youkai had manga. I would definitely read it.
    Thank you!!

  2. You guys are really starting something ^^ Great work!

  3. Very interesting. Definitely will check it out. Thank you!