November 10, 2014

Youkai Watch Episode 24

Poor Keita...

Airdate: May 23, 2014
Releasedate: November 10, 2014
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Descriptions from Wikipedia:

Part 1 - "Komasan Shīzun 3 Koi to Poemu to Kōhī to Yonhaime" (コマさんシーズン3 恋とポエムとコーヒーと 4杯目) - Komasan Season 3: Love, A Poem, Coffee And The Forth Cup

Komasan reads from a shōjo manga in order to figure out how to talk to the woman he has fallen in love with. Komajiro talks him into talking to her, disguised as a human, and he finds her upset that her idea of a manga about yōkai is not coming to fruition because she wants to be believed that the yōkai are real. Komasan becomes distressed that he can help her out, but cannot.

Part 2 - "Yōkai Nekurama Tengu" (妖怪ネクラマテング) - Youkai Nekurama Tengu

While out in the woods studying plants with his friends, Keita goes off by himself, with Whisper and Jibanyan in tow, when he suddenly encounters a strange wind. Whisper says it must be the work of a Tengu Yo-Kai who has control over wind, particularly a Kurama Tengu, however Keita and Jibanyan do not trust his judgement. Kanchi, Kuma, and Fumi catch up with Keita, and they are all made gloomy by the strange wind. Keita scans for a Yo-Kai and finds what he believes to be a tengu, but he claims he is not, and Whisper identifies him as Nekurama Tengu, a Yo-Kai who makes people gloomy with his fan's wind and he has possessed his friends. Keita asks Jibanyan to defeat him, but both he and Whisper are possessed. Keita takes the Yo-KaiPad and discovers the way to defeat Nekurama Tengu is to make him happy, but not even the dancing seaweed Yo-Kai team of Wakame-kun, Konbu-san, and Mekabu-chan can make him give up. Whisper reveals that a game of sushi Russian roulette may work, with one piece of sushi having too much wasabi, but Jibanyan accidentally makes them all that way, which finally makes Nekurama Tengu crack a smile, which frees Jibanyan and Whisper, but not Keita's friends. They then carry Nekurama Tengu on a platform to see if that will make him happy, until they trip down a flight of steps, the spectacle of which frees the others and convinces Nekurama Tengu to befriend him.

Part 3 - "Honmono Tōjō!" (ホンモノ登場!) - The Real One Appears!

Keita goes to the boardwalk with Whisper, Jibanyan, and Nekurama Tengu, where Whisper says he was friends with a real tengu, when a gust of wind blows several umbrellas away, leading Keita to find the real Tengu. Keita asks Whisper to tell Tengu it is dangerous to make the winds, but they discover he and the Tengu are not really friends. Tengu then notices the others, and asks if they knew the ghost, to which they lie.


  1. Thanks!
    I think that Part 1 with Komasan ended a bit suddenly in this episode. They might continue it on episode 26

    1. No problem^^

      I thought so too ^^
      Sadly I have to say there's no Komasan next time(it's a one part episode) but he will be back after that^^

  2. Thank you very much! Great episode, looking forward for more of Jibanyan backstory :)

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