March 17, 2016

Youkai Watch Episodes 40 & 41

Airdate: October 17/24, 2014
Releasedate: March 18, 2016
Torrent-Link: Torrent on
Direct Download: Coming Soon
If you want to upload it on any streaming site, please tell me first and put a link to my blog, so people can download it too^^

Took a while again, sorry ^^''
But as you might have seen in the sidebar, I was finally able to start subbing the Movie^^


  1. Thanks <3<3

    And that's a good news for the movie ! Can't wait~

  2. I'm not hating, but how come you're still subbing this? Someone else started and got to episode 109, and are caught up. Again, I'm not hating, and I don't want to to think I'm being rude.

    1. No problem, I not mad or anything.
      I know there's someone else subbing, but when I took a look at those subs most of the time 50% or more of the content is lost.
      Also, I still get about 500-600 downloads per episode, So I think many are still glad I keep doing it ^^

    2. Ok, I was just curious .I'm glad you're doing this, because I love youkai watch ♡