August 10, 2016

Why I'm not "just skipping ahead"

More and more poeople tell me I should "just" skip ahead to episode whatever, just because the one they watched the others from stopped.

Why should I?

I'm watching MY subs together with my husband, meaning I'd have to watch those subs with him if I skip ahead.
You know what?
I don't want to watch those subs.

I hate how they leave out so much important stuff, so much from the actual meaning is lost.
I hate watching subs like that.

If you don't like it that I don't skip, go ahead, sub them yourself, I DON'T CARE.

I will continue subbing in my own pace and the episodes I want to, not those someone who didn't even really watch my subs wants me to.

So please, PLEASE finally stop asking me to, I have read enough of those comments, it won't change my opinion in any way anyway.

I still have several hundred downloads and another thousand via DeadFish, who use my subs to make their MP4 files(realize something here? There using mine, not those others), that's enough for me if those people watch my subs, I won't let them down.

I will continue to ignore comments about skipping ahead, if they increase too much I'll block comments from anyone not registered with my blog.


  1. Thanks for your explanation. Why don't you accept to be helped in order to speed up your work? I think someone on the Internet can help you with tasks like timing, editing, ecc. If so, you can only focus on translation.

    1. I'm doing everything at once, so getting "help" would actually slow down the process.
      I'm still doing this for my own fun.
      It's taking me this long, because most of the time I only sub about half an hour on mondays through thursdays, that's all the time I can and want to use for this, because I still have my full time job and my hobbies I want/have to spend time on.

    2. Understood. Thanks again!

  2. You're doing a fantastic job so far, and you are kind enough to share with the world what you are doing for your own enjoyment. Don't mind what people might say--other fansubs' or people's work should never condition yours in any way. If they don't want to understand the fact that you aren't doing this for prestige or whatever, it's their fault. I'm just grateful you keep providing us of material to watch for free. So, indeed, thank you for your hard work!

    1. Thank you very much for this kind comment^^

    2. You're more than welcome! Thanks for all you do for us! ;D;

  3. So, will you subbing movies?

    1. As you can see in the sidebar I'm currently at 31% with the Movie, I currently try to invest at east half an hour per week^^

  4. Personally I'm happy that your picking up the project again.

    Good luck

  5. Since you obviously understand Japanese enough to translate... Why not just watch the raws with your husband and move forward with the subs (or better yet, team up with another subbing group)?
    The fandom of a whole is missing out on the series because the few who're capable of translating won't work together.
    I understand that you don't have to do or share these subs with us and I'm grateful to everyone who is subbing the series, but honestly... For the rest of us, it's kind of pointless for someone to be providing subs for episodes that have already been subbed, regardless of the quality of those subs. We're left hanging.